satyam mohla
सत्यम मोहला
サティヤン モーラ


Honda Research Institute Europe
Innovation Program Manager

Location  Frankfurt, Germany
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Digital Asia Foundation
New Delhi, India


Our flagship project, Moral Morpheus is an AI4Education that aims to making AI ethics AI policy discourse fun and engaging for students and educators and train a million leaders of tomorrow. our education arm also colects data, conducts behaviourial experiments and publishes research on education and pedagogy in India & Japan.

The project is hosted at the Digital Asia Foundation, a research-driven social enterprise. Our mission is to effectively educate, engage, and inform the general public, academia & political stakeholders about the potential impact of digital technologies like AI, blockchain, metaverse etc., on societies in South East Asia> We develop interactive pedagogy tools, publishing scientific discourse and disseminating insightful policy briefs. We are currently operative amongst students, educators and public in schools, universities and incubators in three countries.

Additional Information: Moral Morpheus ProjectDigital Asia Foundation

Co-Founder, TechForSociety, Social Initiative
Nov 2017 - May 2020

TechForSociety is a social project started with an aim to utilize the young engineers of tomorrow in premier technical institutes like IITs to cater to the technology needs of rural areas. We aim to develop grassroots understanding to work on fundamental social issues and design low cost technology interventions and solutions to solve various problems faced by society today. We have been active for more than two years and have developed many prototypes for water accessibility & water management problems in villages. We have advised NGOs at grassroots level on technical issues & already created huge impact in those areas, and won various grants & awards.

TechForSociety Water Initiative